Hand, Elbow & Wrist Surgery

As a leading hand specialist both in the St. Louis area and beyond, Dr. David Brown has built a successful practice around the treatment of injuries and conditions affecting the hand, wrist, forearm and elbow. Surgery in such delicate areas of the body requires highly specialized expertise in both plastic and orthopedic surgery. Having completed multiple fellowships and residencies in both disciplines, Dr. Brown is a hand, elbow and wrist doctor that is uniquely qualified to treat even the most complicated cases where hand, elbow or wrist surgery is required.

Some of the most common conditions Doctor Brown treats include fractures, tendon ruptures, ligament injuries and wrist dislocations. For these and other conditions Doctor Brown may or may not determine that surgery is required. Though it is sometimes clear from the beginning that surgery is the only/best solution, it is always his preference to begin with less-invasive treatment options. Each treatment plan he constructs is unique to the needs of the patient and created on a case-by-case basis.

St. Louis Wrist Doctor & More!

For patients in and around St. Louis suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, flexor and extensor tendon injuries or various other injuries and conditions of the wrist, Dr. Brown is widely considered the wrist doctor of choice for effective pain relief and successful outcomes. Likewise, patients with various hand, elbow or forearm injuries and conditions also tend to think of Dr. Brown as just a hand doctor, elbow surgeon or forearm specialist according to their particular circumstances. In truth, Doctor Brown is all of these specialties in one!

For more information about Dr. Brown's unique capabilities and expertise in hand, wrist, forearm and elbow surgery, please call our office at 314-336-2555.