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Why Surgeon Choice Matters

When a worker injures a hand, wrist or elbow on the job, nothing matters more than alleviating their pain, addressing their injury, and enabling them to return to their “normal” way of life. Each one deserves expert, individualized care — the kind they should expect from a hand surgeon who has received specialty training and certification through the American Society for Surgery of the Hand.

Dr. David Brown has dedicated his career to the care of these patients. When it comes to the hand, wrist or elbow, he and his staff have “seen it all” and are experienced in helping patients overcome both the physical and mental trauma through their care. Case managers also find our staff to be responsive and attentive to their workers' compensation needs.

Dr. Brown and his staff were compassionate, knowledgeable and supportive, before, during and after my surgery. They gave me the opportunity to return to the job I love.  — Sandy