St. Louis Hand Surgeons

Patients seeking a hand specialist in the St. Louis area are fortunate to have a number of world-class hand surgeons at their disposal. As is often true for other kinds of surgeons, this is typically something that most people don't discover until they find themselves in need of surgery. As home to several renowned medical training programs at prestigious institutions such as Washington University and St. Louis University, it is only fitting though that St. Louis would attract some of the best hand surgeons in the country.

Having completed two residencies and a research fellowship at Washington University School of Medicine (in addition to an orthopedic surgery hand, upper extremity and microsurgery fellowship at the University of Texas Health Science Center), Dr. David Brown is a leader among the St. Louis area's best hand surgeons.

Dr. Brown: Hand Surgeon & Upper Extremity Specialist

For more than a decade, Dr. Brown has served as an active staff member at numerous surgical centers and hospitals across the St. Louis area. Elected as one of "America's Top Surgeons," in hand surgery, Dr. Brown continues to live up to his reputation with a busy schedule of patient care, frequent contributions to respected medical publications and speaking engagements at national medical meetings and conferences for hand surgeons.

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For Dr. Brown, hand surgery is clearly more than a career. It is his life's passion. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Brown (hand, wrist, elbow or forearm consultation), please contact us at 314-336-2555.