Why see a Hand Doctor?

The hand is an exceptional area of the body that is made up of numerous and varied elements that must work in perfect alignment for proper functional control. The delicate relationship and balance of all of these elements requires a doctor with specialty training, often in several disciplines. To be considered as such, a hand doctor has received this additional training, allowing them to diagnose and treat all issues relative to the hand and upper extremity. Often the decision to see a specialized hand doctor vs. a general practitioner can make a significant difference in diagnosis accuracy and effectiveness of treatment.

Hand Plastic Surgery

Often when people think of plastic surgery it is an elective surgery like rhinoplasty, breast augmentation or a facelift that first comes to mind. However, plastic surgery isn't always undertaken for purely cosmetic reasons. Plastic surgery can be instrumental for patients dealing with medical issues like a congenital defect, serious injury or even a severe burn. This less commonly considered side of plastic surgery is generally performed to improve or restore function and is typically where the specialty of hand plastic surgery falls.

Having completed two residencies and a fellowship in hand plastic surgery in addition to specialty training in orthopedics, Doctor David Brown is a hand doctor that is uniquely positioned to diagnose and treat conditions or injuries of the nerves, bones, joints, blood vessels and skin of the hand and upper extremity. Doctor Brown uses this combined expertise in hand plastic surgery and orthopedics to treat a variety of common conditions including carpal tunnel syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis and Depuytren's disease.

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As a fellowship-trained hand surgeon, Doctor Brown is able to provide patients with a higher-level of care to achieve the best possible outcome. For more information about Doctor Brown's specialty training or to schedule an appointment, please contact us at 314-336-2555.