Effective Carpal Tunnel Treatment

As one of the St. Louis area's premier elbow, wrist and hand surgeons, Dr. David Brown is well-versed in the diagnosis and treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome. Although the cause is often unknown, carpal tunnel patients report several telltale symptoms such as numbness, tingling and general pain in the arm, hand and fingers. Carpal tunnel also often causes grip issues that can impact daily activities.

To obtain a definitive diagnosis, a hand specialist or wrist doctor will typically begin by taking a complete medical history, giving special consideration to any prior hand injuries reported. Additional diagnostic tests for carpal tunnel syndrome may include an x-ray, lab tests and/or electrodiagnostic studies.

Once Dr. Brown has confirmed a carpal tunnel diagnosis, his next step is to lay out a comprehensive carpal tunnel treatment plan. Treatment options are determined according to the unique needs of each patient and may or may not include carpal tunnel surgery. Non-surgical carpal tunnel treatment options include the identification and treatment of underlying medical conditions, steroid injections or making recommendations about changes in the patterns of hand use. As an experienced wrist, elbow and hand specialist, Dr. Brown will work with you to create an effective carpal tunnel treatment plan that will bring relief to your most painful symptoms.

St. Louis Hand Specialist

Dr. Brown is well known both in St. Louis and nationwide as a leader in hand surgery, elbow surgery and the total care of the arm/upper extremity. As a fellowship-trained specialist, Dr. Brown has expertise in both hand plastic surgery and orthopedics. Training in each of these disciplines makes Dr. Brown a uniquely qualified hand surgeon that is able to expertly address the entire spectrum of diagnoses in the hand, wrist and elbow and create effective treatment plans that result in successful outcomes for his patients.

Elbow Surgery, Rehab & Recovery

As a specialist in the treatment of hand, wrist and elbow injuries/conditions, Dr. Brown is commonly sought out by patients seeking tennis elbow treatment or elbow surgery to correct a variety of common conditions including cubital tunnel syndrome, tendon ruptures and elbow fractures. Depending on the specifics of each case, there are often several non-surgical treatment options available for elbow injuries or conditions but if elbow surgery is required, patients can be assured that Dr. Brown will create a comprehensive treatment plan that goes beyond the OR to include rehab and recovery.