Finding the Best Plastic Surgeon

Whether you're comparing orthopaedic surgeons or searching for the best plastic surgeon, there are several universal guidelines to follow when selecting a physician. First, it is always a good idea to make sure that the surgeon you are considering is board-certified in the appropriate specialty (plastic surgery, orthopedics, etc.). Second, take the time to check the surgeon's record.

Additionally, you'll want to ask a potential surgeon how often they've performed the specific procedure you're interested in. Although, not a universal truth, the best plastic surgeon for you is likely one that specializes in your procedure and performs it on a frequent and regular basis.

Cosmetic vs. Reconstructive Procedures

Although many plastic surgeons are capable of practicing both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, it is often the case that a plastic surgeon will opt to specialize in one or the other. Whereas a cosmetic plastic surgery is typically undertaken electively to alter body shape or appearance for aesthetic reasons, reconstructive procedures generally involve treatment of medical conditions that have caused an abnormal change in body shape or appearance and/or to restore function that was lost as a result.

Whether it's for cosmetic or reconstructive purposes, if you're looking for the best plastic surgeon to perform your procedure, you're likely to achieve the best possible outcome if you start with a surgeon who actually specializes in the particular type of procedure you need.